#1 - Where do I get my tickets

Ticket Only:
If you have purchased tickets only we offer several options, these include:
Collection :Collection from our designated collection point, this is typically at the reception of one of our package hotels.
Regular Post:Time permitting, we can post your tickets to you via regular post, this method is not insured.
Courier Delivery: Time permitting, we can send your tickets via courier delivery, this method is secure.
E-Tickets Some circuits offer Electronic Tickets (e-tickets), if e-tickets are available, we send these to you by email. Please note, if you have purchased a Team Experience or Pole Position Club your ticket is a Paddock Pass, we cannot send paddock passes by post/courier. Paddock Passes will be available from the circuit Accreditation Centre or presented in person if you are a hotel Package customer.We will send you an email with detailed Ticket Collection details 4 weeks prior to the event.
If you are joining us in one of our hotel Packagesthen we will include your tickets in your Welcome Bag. Welcome Bags are available at your hotel from Thursday evening of the event.

#2 - When do I get my hotel information

We will send you an email 4 weeks before the event with detailed Joining Instructions. These will include the name, address and GPS coordinates for your hotel package. We encourage you to read these Joining Instructions as they include important information about your booking.

#3 - What have I booked?

Please refer to your itinerary - this will outline what you have booked, including extra hotel nights or optional excursions. Our Sales team will have sent your itinerary as a PDF document, that email also includes a link to an electronically stored version of your itinerary.

#4 - Do you include flights?

We do not include flights (with the exception of our Irish Invasion). We recommend the website ( skyscanner.net).Skyscanner is a good site to search for flights with plenty of filters to sort by airline, price, flight time etc.

#5 - Is the ticket included?

To offer the widest possible variety, we do not include tickets in our hotel packages. We let you pick/combine the hotel option and ticket option that best suits your needs.

#6 - When do I have to pay?

Ticket only purchases require full payment at the time of booking. For hotel package + ticket bookings we can offer a 50% deposit at the time of booking with the remaining 50% due 8 weeks prior to the event.

#7 - Can I buy just tickets, no accommodation?

Yes, we offer Ticket Only sales. Please be sure to select the delivery/collection method that best suits you.

#8 - Can I extend my hotel stay?

Yes, we can offer extra nights before or after our standard package dates (subject hotel availability). When booking online just select your preferred start/finish dates.

#9 - Do you offer travel insurance?

We do not offer travel insurance but we highly recommend you consider purchasing insurance locally.

#10 - Is my grandstand covered?

Not all circuits offer covered grandstand, for the circuits that do offer covered grandstands, these typically sell out very quickly. Under each event on our website we include a track map which indicates which grandstands are covered (if available).

#11 - Can I access grandstands with my paddock pass?

Paddock Passes do not grant access to grandstands, they do however generally grant access to general admission areas. For most circuits (especially Mugello/Misano/Valencia) we highly recommend paddock pass holders consider purchasing a grandstand ticket in addition. For circuits with very good General Admission such Brno or Philip Island a paddock pass is usually sufficient.

#12 - Does my hotel have parking?

Please contact us using the email help@polepositiontravel.com most of our hotels offer a parking, however it is best to contact us and we can confirm availability and price.

#13 - Is there secure motorbike parking at the hotel?

Please contact us using the email help@polepositiontravel.com most of our hotels do offer a secure option for parking, however it is best to contact us and we can confirm.

#14 - Can we get parking at the circuit?

For VIP Village, MotoGP Team Experience or Pole Position Club bookings we can guarantee a parking pass for bookings of four or more. For groups less than four we will do our best to supply a parking pass but it is subject to availability.

#15 - Can we get a cot/crib at the hotel?

Please contact us using the email help@polepositiontravel.com most hotels can provide a cot/crib, however it is best to contact us and we can confirm availability.

#16 - Can you assist with Visa application?

For hotel package bookings we can provide a letter of proof of your hotel booking or a Visa Support letter.

#17 - What disabled access is available at the circuit/hotel?

Please contact us using the email help@polepositiontravel.com

#18 - Can I cancel my booking?

Where possible, and in extenuating circumstances, we will do all we can to provide a refund or transfer payment to another event. However cancellation is subject to Terms & Conditions (polepositiontravel.com/terms-and-conditions).

#19 - When do I receive information about my airport transfer?

Ops please advise what your timeline is for advising guest their airport transfer details.

#20 - Can we have 3 people in a room?

Most hotels we use can accommodate a third adult in Double/Twin Rooms, however you should check the room occupancy in the product description (bold text) of the hotel package you are considering, it is in bold text e.g. Rates based on 2 people sharing (occupancy 1-3) 3 nights.

#21 - Can I just book the coach transfer to/from the track?

For most events we offer our Services Only Package (No Hotel). This includes all the benefits of our hotel package, without the hotel room. It includes coach transfers on Saturday/Sunday (optional Friday available), Friday Opening Reception and access to our Pole Position Travel guide support. To book the Services Only, just go to the ?Packages? tab of the event you are considering.

#22 - How can I get on a Pit Lane Walk?

Typically ?Pit Lane Walks? are only available with the VIP Village hospitality passes, the VIP Village also offers a paddock tour. For a more immersive MotoGP experience with full paddock access we offer our MotoGP Team Experience

#23 - How much is a ticket?

Ticket prices vary greatly depending on the venue and the inclusions. General Admission is the cheapest option but does not offer a reserved seat. Hospitality options such as VIP Village, MotoGP Team Experience and Pole Position club are our dearest options but these include hospitality so it is worth comparing how much you think you might spend at food/beverage vendors. On the surface our Team Experience/Pole Position Club do seem expensive but it is worth noting that they include team hospitality and you have the piece of mind that these bookings directly support our sponsored riders.

#24 - Which airport should I fly to?

"For each event we offer ""Practical Information"", this includes suggested airports"

#25 - I do not need hospitality, can I just buy a paddock pass?

The sale of paddock passes is prohibited, we include paddock passes in our MotoGP Team Experience and Pole Position Club products these are part of the overall experience and not available separately.

#26 - Can I join your excursions?

Yes. Our excursions, parties are available to be booked separately you can book these via the Parties & Excursions section of each event.

#27 - Which teams do you work with?

We offer MotoGP Team Experiences with Aprilia Gresini, Aspar Ducati, LCR Honda and our Pole Position Club with Stop and Go Racing (Moto2).

#28 - What is the Pole Position Club (which team)?

Our Pole Position Club is our Moto2/3 experience that we offer in conjunction with the Stop and Go Racing (SAG) Moto2 Team. The product includes full paddock access as well as hospitality (lunch/drinks/snacks) with SAG.

#29 - How should I get from the airport to the hotel?

We offer private transfers for airport pick up or airport drop off for most events. These are provided by a third party service provider so the prices can be quite high. For many events we recommend local taxi from/to the airport. Please refer to the ?Practical Information? section of the event you are considering or contact us at help@polepositiontravel.com and we can offer advice based on our experience.

#30 - Are airport transfers included?

Airport pick up on arrival is included in some of our Deluxe Packages, but not all. Please check the product description.

#31 - Do I need to buy transfers to/from the track?

If you have booked a hotel Package then coach transfers are included for Saturday and Sunday are included and you do not need to book/buy them. We do offer Friday transfers, but these are optional and MUST be booked, for most events they are free of charge but they need to be added to your itinerary.

#32 - Can I meet my favorite rider?

Our MotoGP Team Experience and Pole Position Club put you right in the paddock, you will have ample opportunities to see the riders. Getting that autograph or selfie is all about patience and perseverance.

#33 - This is my first time at a MotoGP, is there anything I need to know?

We have been to every track over recent years and we will gladly share our experience if you have any questions, please contact us via help@polepositiontravel.com. Some tracks offer better views/access and if you are on a Team Experience/Pole Position Travel some

#34 - I have special access needs, what parking/tickets/hotel/transfer options do you recommend?

Each circuit has different arrangements for guests with limited mobility, where possible we will try to escort you as close to the circuit entry as possible. Access to limited mobility grandstands where available, may be contingent on providing evidence of a disability, generally d

#35 - The MotoGP Team Experience/Pole Position Club seems expensive?

On the surface our Team Experience/Pole Position Club do seem expensive but it is worth noting that they include team hospitality and you have the piece of mind that these bookings directly support our sponsored riders.

#36 - What is the team hospitality like?

The MotoGP/Moto2 team hospitality provides the teams with a private environment within the paddock where the team (rider, mechanics etc) can have meals and relax, it also allows the team to host sponsors and guests. The teams do offer beer and wine for refreshments but the hospitality is not a bar and stocks sometimes get low.

#37 - Have you received my payment?

Our Account Team will send you an email with a receipt once we receive your payment. Payments by Visa/Mastercard are typically confirmed within 30 minutes, payment by Bank /Online Transfer may take up to 3-4 business days to be confirmed. Our Sales Team can not confirm payments received.