The basic booking process is:

  1. Choose an event
  2. Get an idea of budget level: are you full VIP or economy?
  3. Pick rough dates, your party size and bedding (e.g. 3 people: in a triple room? A double and a single?)
  4. Now place a booking with us. If your requirements are fairly straightforward, by far the most effecient way to do this is online. Remember, if you book online, your credit card is not charged! This is just a reservation against our allocated product. Thus once your reservation is confirmed, you can plan the other elements of your trip. You can also make a reservation by placing a provisional booking on our web form, or via telephone/email, and we will carry on the booking manually. (n.b. for online bookings we waive our normal 18 EUR handling fee)
  5. Depending on how soon the event is, we will give you up to a week to confirm your reservation (if the event is soon we will charge you immediately or within a day)
  6. Now organise flights and other details of your break.
  7. Come back to us with any required changes to your reservations. (we can always add/change days up until a few weeks before the event)
  8. Once all is finalised, you can pay according to the payment terms (below)


We can quote and accept payments in EUR, GBP, USD, AUD and CZK. The price we set in these currencies is final, even if you have later payments and the exchange rates change! At the time of booking you provide a credit card to guarantee the reservation. You may pay us via:

Only in exceptional circumstances will we take cash at the event.

Your first payment is due once you confirm your booking. For package bookings, you pay 50% deposit. Deadlines for confirmation are based on how soon the event is:

Your payment schedule depends on the order:

When we receive a payment, we will email you a receipt. We will send you a proforma invoice showing all payments and due dates. We do not issue VAT invoices unless requested by a European VAT registered business. Please note that we operate under the tour operators margin scheme for VAT thus VAT paid through us is generally unrecoverable.

Note on credit cards: Our UK bank charges an exorbitant rate for processing credit card transactions; thus we process GBP (and AUD) transactions through our Czech bank, converting to Czech Koruna at the prevailing interbank rate. We charge NO credit card fee for this; however the actual GBP (or AUD) amount charged to your bank may vary from the price. We have no control over this. (We usually find the net difference is less than the minimum 2.5% we would need to charge for card handling)


In these times, concern over financial stability and security of any payments is only natural. Rest assured that EU regulation is in line with UK in that we are required to ensure your money is safe in the highly unlikely situation of business failure. To this end we have taken an insurance policy of international travel protection (a bond) which guarantees refund of any payments made in respect of unfulfilled delivery of our services. The policy is issued by the Czech company ERV (Evropská pojišťovna, a. s.). You may download a copy of this policy here...


Once you are fully paid we will deliver products

Tickets are delivered according to your request:

Tickets are posted about 3 weeks before the event (depending on the circuit). VIP VIllage tickets are posted about 2 weeks in advance. We do not put VIP Village tickets in ordinary post.

We will also email joining instructions to package customers (and collection instructions to collection customers) about 1 week before the event. Also all details, maps and programmes are posted to our web site (see the PRACTICAL INFO section of the event page)